Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin scares me . . .

I still cannot believe McCain actually picked this unqualified, ill-prepared, right-wing idealogue as his VP candidate. My almost elderly parents are longtime Republicans (as I was), and when they heard I saw disgust on their faces. They don't want to vote for Obama, mostly due to his inexperience, and I can understand that. But they see the ridiculousness of selecting Palin for VP, she is ill-educated, unexperienced with anything of a larger concern than Alaska, and therefor ignorant of national and international issues and their many implications. That ignores her extreme views on abortion, which Mom can't agree with (what sane person can? no abortion even for rape and incest victims? are you serious?), and the belief that the Iraq war is a task from God.

Shame on you John McCain, a man I used to respect. No more.

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