Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain's timeout . . a cry for help!

What the hell happened to the man we knew in 2000? This is his idea of leadership, 'suspending' his campaign to 'lead' on the bailout legislation? He's not even on the committees working the issue, he has told us himself he doesn't know much about economics, and his waffling for the last week has proven that beyond a reasonable doubt. And when he gets there, does he support the unconstitutional crap sent over by Dubya & Co, or does he try to look bipartisan by embracing the Dems change requests (demands I hope)? Or does he do something else stupid to draw attention to himself?

His so-called economic guru-in-chief Phil Gramm is responsible for much of this debacle, and McCain aided and abetted him in the deregulation and defanging of what regs were left. How exactly are they going to help here, or is it their corporate backers who want them there to help screw us over again?

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